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C.T.F.C. is a family friendly office providing chiropractic care for Stephenville and the surrounding areas.

Interested in having you or your family adjusted?


Expecting Moms

Whether you are trying to conceive or already pregnant, having proper spinal alignment creates the optimal environment for a comfortable and healthy pregnancy. 

Littles + Tots

Essential neuro-developmental changes occur in the first few years of life. How we support children during these years determines their expression of health and well-being.


Big kids

The world is placing a lot of demand on our big kids. They have to grow up faster, learn more complex material, and excel in their extracurricular activities. 

Grown Ups

Being an adult is flat out hard. There are so many hats for one person to wear; husband, mother, business owner, runner, cook, teacher, etc. 


Gabriella King

"I drive over an hour to go see Dr. Amy, she's the best!! She's very detailed, explains what she is doing and how it will help. She's awesome and all of the girls in the office are super sweet and helpful."

Office Hours

Monday 8-3
Tuesday 8-5
Wednesday 8-3
Thursday 8-5
Friday 8-1

1359 W. South Loop, Suite D

Stephenville, TX 76401

p 254-968-2726

f 254-968-2156

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